Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why You Should Train Your Dog

There are many reasons to want to train your dog. Some people have more reasons than others. But there are a few reasons that are more or less universal to dog training. Here are the top reasons that most dog owners want to train their dogs.

House Breaking

No doubt one of the most important reasons for teaching your dog a few basic commands is so that she will not relieve herself all over the house. You don’t want to be constantly cleaning up after your dog for the rest of her life do you? No, so teach her how where to correctly go to the bathroom and everybody will be much happier. This is also necessary for going to other people’s houses or other places where they are not allowed to relieve themselves. You don’t want to bring your dog to the pet store to pick out some new toys and have her make a mess all over the floor. So teach your dog when and where to go potty and you will both be much happier.

Basic Obedience

You want your dog to listen when necessary. Whether you are at home about to feed your dog, or out for a walk and she sees a squirrel running across the street, you want your dog to be able to listen to you and obey your commands. This comes in handy much more than you would expect. It is always good to have your dog listen to you. From “Sit” and “Stay” to “Drop it”, there are many basic commands that your dog should be able to recognize and obey.

Begging For Food

One thing common to pretty much all dogs is they all like to beg for food. Dogs are curious and hungry creatures. If they see or smell something they want or want to know more about they will try to get a closer look and smell of it. It doesn’t matter if it is on your dinner plate or in the garbage, dogs will do anything they can to get to it. That includes jumping on the table and knocking down trash cans. So teach your dog that your food is not for her, and that you will feed her when you are good and ready. If you start to feed your dog from your plate once she starts to beg, she will think that this is ok to do. Once you do that it is very hard to come back from. So if you don’t want to undo years of bad behavior just don’t do it to begin with. And if your dog gets into the garbage, put it somewhere she can’t get into it.

Not Jumping On People

One of the major complaints that people have with other people’s dogs is that they get too excited and jump on everyone. This is one major reason that you will want to teach your dog some basic obedience. If you teach your dog to sit and stay when people come close then she will not be tempted to jump on everybody that she sees. Dogs get excited when they see people or other dogs. They can’t help it. So teach your dog to remain calm and not jump on everybody that she sees so this doesn’t happen all the time.

Staying Close While Walking

Most younger dogs get so excited to be outside that they can’t help but to run every which way when they get the chance. You need to teach your dog to stay close to you when outside, for her safety and the safety of others. It is a good idea to teach your dog how to walk on a leash correctly first. Then slowly let her off the leash but make her stay close by your side. Eventually she will learn to stay close to you and not run into the street or chase after other animals.

Dogs Are Social Animals

People with untrained dogs usually don’t let them out much. They keep them locked away when people come over, and barely let them outside for walks or play time. This is not good for any dog. Even if you think a dog is too aggressive to be around people, it is probably because you give him such little time around other people and animals. You need to gradually introduce your dog into the world and let her see that she doesn’t need to be afraid of everything and everyone. Dogs are social animals and they love to be around people and animals alike. Most overly aggressive dogs have had a bad past and behave in such a way because they don’t know any better. If you teach your dog from the beginning about how to act around people and animals, then she will behave much better than if you did not. Isolating a dog is inhumane, so do the best you can in order to acclimate your dog to the world and she will be a much better dog all around.

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